Is it necessary to have the carpets steam cleaned when I vacate a rental property?”

Some tenants complain about paying for cleaning carpets when their lease end. But if you’re one of those, just stop for a minute. Think about all the wear you’ve added to the carpet. All the dirt you and your family – and pets, if you have them – have tracked into the carpet, day after day for the term of your lease.

Even if you vacuum regularly, that wouldn’t reach ground-in dirt or remove stains and dust mites.

When you rent a property that has carpet, the previous tenants would have had the carpets steam-cleaned, because they wanted to do everything possible to get their hefty bond back.

If the agent is thorough, they would have insisted on that as a rental condition because they are hired by the property owner to make sure that the property is maintained well – and carpets need regular maintenance.

Most landlords are people like you and me. They want to ensure that they have some sort of property investment. Often, they can’t even afford to buy their own home, and they rent too.

When someone buys a rental property, they can spend a lot of money to get it ready for renting: painting, replacing worn items and installing new floor coverings, including big-ticket items like carpets.

Keeping carpets clean and free from ground-in dirt and dust mites mean that when a tenant moves in, they’ll have a safe environment to enjoy. With so many children – and adults – suffering from asthma and other allergic reactions these days, it is vital to do everything possible to make sure that allergy risks are minimised.

So, it makes sense for landlords to insist that their agents add a carpet steaming clause to their rental agreements, because steam-cleaning not only deep cleans carpets, but adds years to their life. If this service is not done regularly – ideally, every year – the carpet could deteriorate, as well as becoming the residence of choice of dust mites and even carpet beetles.

Your bond amount can vary from two weeks to two months of rent. It’s a no-brainer to do everything possible to ensure you get your bond refunded in full, and in so doing, earn you a great rental reputation. And that means having your carpets professionally steam-cleaned.

Carpet-steam cleaning should be the last thing you have done before you close the door on the rental property for good. Make sure you’ve cleaned everywhere else first and removed all rubbish and cleaning gear so you don’t have to walk on the freshly-cleaned carpets.

Always ask your steam-cleaning operator for a receipt. You’ll need this to prove to your rental agent that you’ve had the carpets professionally cleaned.

When it comes to choosing a company, make sure you select one that has years of experience, uses state-of-the-art equipment, environmentally-safe products and is always on time, providing quality service at the best possible price – and with a smile.

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