End of Lease Cleaning Check List

If you are a tenant in a rental property, then this article will help you to identify some of the important things that you need to finalize when you decide to vacate the property. It is not an easy task to just vacate the property and move into the new one. There are so much of procedure, that should be followed when you move out of a property. The below provided is the important check-list that is suggested for you to follow when you vacate your rental property. This list of cleaning points will provide you a brief idea of how to make sure that you have completed all the cleaning in your house.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Clean cupboards inside out
    Clean oven, stove, dishwasher, Range hood, and Range hood filter
    Dust and remove cobwebs
    Dust and Clean skirting boards
    Dust and Clean light fittings
    Wipe-down visible surfaces & remove any marks
    Dust and clean windows and window ledges
    Dust and Clean curtains or blinds
    Vacuum and Mop the floor

Lounge/Dining Cleaning

  • Dust and clean windows and window ledges
    Dust air vents
    Clean skirting boards
    Clean and dust light fittings
    Wipe down the visible surface and remove all the marks on the walls
    Dust and clean curtains or blinds
    Tile and grout cleaning
    Remove all cobwebs (ceiling, walls, windows)
    Vacuum and mop the floor and stairs if not carpeted
    Steam clean carpets remove stains and marks

Bed Rooms Cleaning

  • Dust and clean the windows and window ledges
    Remove all the cobwebs
    Clean and Dust light fittings
    Clean Curtains or blinds
    Dust and clean skirting boards
    Wipe down the visible surface and remove all the marks on the walls
    Dust air vents
    Clean the closet and drawers inside out
    Vacuum the floor and mop the floor if timber floored
    Steam clean carpets and remove stains and marks

Bathrooms and Toilets Cleaning

  • Dust and Remove cobwebs
    Dust air vents
    Clean and dust any light fittings
    Clean toilets, bath-tub, shower and bowls
    Remove any marks on the walls
    Wipe down cupboards inside out
    Clean exhaust fans
    Wash shower curtains
    Scrub and clean shower screen and make sure no soap scum
    Make sure no mold or mildew or soap scum on the tiles
    Dust and clean windows and window edges

General and Outdoor Cleaning

  • Remove all the rubbish inside Garage or shed and around the house
    Dust and Remove all the cobwebs
    Mow Lawns and trim edges (if applicable including nature strips)
    Weed gardens or pathways or flower beds
    Remove any grease or oil stain from the driveway
    Clean Windows and remove cobwebs outside the windows


Electricity, Gas, and water will be running an additional three business days after the property being vacated

It is important to ensure that your utilities have the final reading done for two to three business days after vacating the property. Since the real estate will check the conditions of light globes and the bond for the property will not be released until the real estate finishes their outgoing report.

It is important to know, that when you clean the carpet, it is must hire a professional carpet cleaning company to meet the standard cleaning requirement.

If you follow this checklist when you vacate the property, there is a 99% chance that you have done all the cleaning appropriately. You will not have to worry about getting your bond back since you now have an idea of how to return the property as it was when you moved in.